Founders - Joseph Bluhm and James Geier

Our founders immigrated to this country in 1905. For the first two years,they worked as instrument makers at Hanna Manufacturing Company in Troy, New York. We believe this photo to be taken at that facility. (Mr. Bluhm is second from the left and Mr. Geier fourth from the left.)

Original Location

Founded in 1907, Geier & Bluhm was originally located at 670 River Street in Troy, New York. We occupied this small three-story building until 1956. The building still stands today.

Second Location

Relocating to 594 River Street in Troy, New York, in 1956, we were able to increase our manufacturing capacity and expand our product lines of precision levels and leveling assemblies.

New Machining Facility

After joining HJM Precision in 2007, a new addition was constructed to their facilities, and we moved to our current location at 9 New Turnpike Road in Troy, New York, in 2012. Updated machining capabilities allow us to produce most of our components parts in-house.

Current Location

Geier & Bluhm is currently located at 9 New Turnpike Road, Troy, New York. This new modern facility will allow us to grow and expand our manufacturing to accommodate today’s ever-changing market

Leveling the world since 1907.

Our Founders

Founded in 1907 in Troy, NY by two European trained instrument makers, Mr. James Geier and Mr. Joseph Bluhm.

Forward Thinking

The leader in circular and tubular levels and corresponding mounting assemblies

Problem Solvers

Developed special circular level assemblies used by NASA on the moon during the Apollo XII mission.

Precision & Dependability

Components are found in equipment used by the military, automotive, aerospace, scientific and construction industries.


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