Terms & Conditions

Geier & Bluhm, Inc.


AGREEMENTS: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these terms and conditions constitute our entire obligation upon our acceptance of any order, regardless of the terms and conditions submitted by customer on a request for quotations, original purchase orders and/or confirming purchase orders.
F.O.B.: Troy, New York U.S.A.
PRICES: Prices are subject to change without notice. All orders are accepted on the basis of prices in effect on the date of the order, provided the requested delivery dates on the complete order or partial shipments of an order do not extend over a period of one (1) year.
QUOTATIONS: Quotations are subject to the terms and conditions as stated. Quotations are firm for a period of time as stated on each quotation and may vary depending on the particular product.
TERMS: Net 30 Days based on the date of the invoice to customers with an established credit rating. Geier & Bluhm reserves the right to change its terms of payment at any time without prior notice. We also accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards for the payment of invoices. A customer whose account is over 60 days from the date of the invoice will be placed on credit hold. No additional shipments will be made on open account until the balance past 60 days is paid in full. In the event a customer’s account is placed with a collection agency, the customer will be liable for, in addition to the original invoice amount, all the collection fees and interest associated with collecting the invoice. After 30 Days and every 30 Days thereafter a finance charge of 1 1/2% per month (Annual Rate of 18%) will be added to all past due accounts.
CANCELLATIONS: Orders my be cancelled only upon the condition that the customer assumes immediate liability and make payment to Geier & Bluhm for all work completed at a determined unit price. The determined unit price for cancellations will be based on the amount of work in process, raw materials used, tooling expenditures, engineering costs, and other cancellation charges incurred by Geier & Bluhm, plus handling and overhead costs. All cancellation charges will be determined at time of cancellation.
SHIPMENTS: Once an order is shipped, it is considered complete; therefore, additions thereto cannot be made. Under such circumstances, a new order must be placed which will be priced according to the quantity or quantities being ordered.
PARTIAL SHIPMENTS: Large quantity purchase orders, placed for the purpose of obtaining a price break and to be drawn against by means of partial shipments, must be completed within one (1) year from the date of the order. It is also the policy of the company: a) If the total shipments, within a one (1) year period, from the purchase date, is less than the quantity purchased for delivery within that one (1) year period, the company will invoice the purchaser the difference between the quantity price invoiced and the next smaller quantity price that applies. b) Scheduled deliveries may not be rescheduled more than one (1) time, with a price penalty
DROP SHIPMENTS: In most cases, Geier & Bluhm will drop ship an order to another location. However, the customer must have an established account and must be current on their account. NO drop shipments will be made to locations outside the United States.
LIMITED WARRANTY: Geier & Bluhm will guarantee its products from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of manufacture. Geier & Bluhm agrees at its option to repair the item, or to furnish a new unit in exchange for the defective item. No additional warranty is implied beyond repair or replacement of unit. Warranty is void if the item has been altered, modified, abused and/or mishandled by the customer in any manner.
REJECTED OR DEFECTIVE MATERIAL: Any material from Geier & Bluhm, which the customer has rejected or determined defective may be returned to Geier & Bluhm only upon our authorization by prior agreement. When the return of material is thus authorized, transportation charges are to be prepaid. Rejected material must be packed carefully to prevent any damage in transit in order that Geier & Bluhm may properly assess the validity of rejection or defect. After Geier & Bluhm have inspected such material, proper credit or replacement will be issued if the rejection or defect is valid. Geier & Bluhm will also reimburse for the return shipping charges. However, Geier & Bluhm will NOT pay any handling charges, processing fees, administrative charges, etc. associated with a customer returning parts to Geier & Bluhm. Geier & Bluhm’s responsibility is only for the cost of the returned parts and the actual shipping charges to return the material to Geier & Bluhm.
LOST, SHORTAGE, OR DAMAGE: All of our products are sold F.O.B., Troy, New York. In case of loss, damage, or shortage due to damage in transit; the customer should immediately notify both the carrier and Geier & Bluhm, and promptly file a claim with the carrier. Any delay may result in a loss to the customer. Our responsibility for delivery of goods ends when we have consigned material to the carrier. Any shipment lost, damaged or is short upon receipt must be reported within 30 Days to Geier & Bluhm.
RETURNED GOODS: No goods are to be returned to Geier & Bluhm, without our authorization by prior agreement. A return material authorization number must be obtained prior to any good return. Shipment received without a RMA number will be returned to the customer. When the return of goods is thus authorized, transportation charges are to be prepaid. Geier & Bluhm will not be responsible for any goods shipped to us without such prior authorization. When the returned goods have been received and inspected by Geier & Bluhm, a company representative will contact the customer regarding action. Returned Goods must be packaged properly to insure no damage in return transit.